My Daughter is a Princess & I Encourage Her To Be

Being a princess isn’t a bad thing.

As adults we tend to think princesses are stuck up, snobbish divas, who have servants who wait on them hand and foot.  Don’t know how to boil water. They don’t wake up until 1:00 pm. They care more about there clothes and how shiny there tiaras are.

Newsflash – There are people, people who are not royalty who care more about their appearance than royals do. Who go into debt trying to keep up with the Kardashians.

Why when a little girl, is having a fit do we respond with, ‘stop being such a princess’?

A princess is who ever a toddler wants it to be. My daughter has a extremely minimal exposure to Disney princess. She reads about princesses in stories, like the Paper Bag Princess. She thinks Fancy Nancy is a princess. Hell, Scarlett thinks I’m a princess when I wear jewelry. She thinks a princess is any one who is kind and pretty (and usually in a dress).

princess scarlett

My daughter like to wear her princess shirts, and dresses.  She likes to walk around the house wearing a crown while cleaning up her toys. She likes to wear her princess dress while teaching her brother how to roll over and hold up his head.

If we teach our children positive views on say ‘being a princess’, it isn’t a bad thing. I encourage my daughter to be who ever she wants to be. If she wants to be a princess, I will support her and guide her to be a kind, caring, giving princess.

Princess Diana, a real life princess, was and in many ways still is a fantastic role model for the human race to learn from. She reached out to others and set the bar high.  A true princess.

It’s easy to chalk a princess up to being purely superficial.  Look at her fancy dresses, look at the jewels.  It’s sad that most people stop there, they don’t care to get to know the person.

spanish princess

My daughter is a princess and I am proud of her. She is sweet and kind and in the process of learning to clean up her own mess. She loves to teach her brother about animals and colours. She is compassionate, funny and a big ol’ goof ball. Yup, I am proud of her. She is who she is.

Next time you use the phrase, ‘don’t be such a princess’ carefully watch the words you use. It’s us who portray ‘being a princess’ as a bad thing, when it’s not.

If you have a princess for a daughter, shout it loud and proud!

xoxo Ashley

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4 thoughts on “My Daughter is a Princess & I Encourage Her To Be

  1. She’s a cutie! I have a cousin in her age and she’s also a princess, but when you ask her what she will be when she grows up she’ll tell you, “I’ll be the first princess-doctor in our hospital” 😄
    As long as there are princesses like yours and mine we have no reasons to worry about the future of this world.

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