REVIEW – VicTsing Humidifier/Diffuser – Light Show Included!

vicTsing off mist

Kids get sick. It happens. They get stuffed up, runny noses, coughs, they drip from everywhere. Delightful picture eh.

My daughter often needs a humidifier in her room. She gets cold induced asthma and when that happens, she will cough all night long. When she was a little baby, and she has her first cough, we rushed out and bought a humidifier. The thing sucked. It would make the whole room sweat, so then I’d have to crank the heat up during the day to make sure the room wouldn’t get mouldy.

What I learned from this … always do your research!

We found this gem! We’ve had this delightful beauty for about 3 weeks now. VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Humidifier Air Purifier Whisper-quiet Cool Mist Humidifier Auto Shut Off. Oh my goodness, what a mouth full! I think I will just call it VicTsing from here on in.


  • Size – it’s nice and small, it doesn’t take up a whole dresser
  • Design – it’s very please to look at.
  • Lighting – You have the option to have a soothing LED light show. It’s very calming
  • Smells — This diffuser has an option where you can add essential oils for a little something extra. We haven’t tried this option as of yet, but it’s nice to know we have it if/when needed.
  • Noise – this diffuser is so quiet. You don’t even know it’s on.
  • Safety – The steam doesn’t get hot because it’s mist. I love this because I can put the diffuser on my daughters night stand and not have to worry she may burn herself. (If that were a concern I would place it higher or purchase something else).
  • Water – 110ml will last 2 or 3 nights. I turn it off during the day. But that’s is, just a 110 ml. The previous humidifier used litres before, which is a huge difference. The mist doesn’t fill the whole room, so I don’t have to worry about the room getting mouldy.


  • Doesn’t fill the whole room. I know I put this under the like list, but it goes under the dislike as well because it has to be so close to my daughters bed, which she likes to move from one side to the other (trying to explain that she doesn’t need to play with everything).

vicTsing light on blue

This product is easy to use. Easy to set up and fairly child friendly. I’d recommend you all to look into this product if you’re on the market for a humidifier/diffuser.

We purchased ours off of for $31.99CAD and we couldn’t be happier, in fact we bought a second one for our son.

I often catch my daughter (on the monitor) looking at the colours changing, when she should be sleeping. Once she is satisfied with her light show, she will put herself back to sleep. In the morning, she will tell me all about the pretty lights that kept the monsters away. Her coughing through the night has almost stopped, which allows me to sleep more soundly.

In my option, this product is worth every penny!

xoxo Ashley

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Disclosure. This is NOT a sponsored post. I purchased on my own accord with my own funds. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Enjoy! Vote For Me @ The Top Mommy Blogs Directory


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