Controlling The Chaos!

invest in shelf

Lately I’ve been feeling like I haven’t been getting much done at home. There is constant clutter and mess. Little piles of ‘things’ accumulating in the corners. I’ve been giving away, throwing out or reusing things and making homes for them. Yet the clutter/mess is still there.

I decided to do two things about it.

  1. Leave nothing on the floor, invest in shelves
  2. Pick one room at a time (not the fastest approach but very effective)

Our house isn’t very big, but its cozy and it’s our home. We have just over 1,100 sq ft., this space is occupied by 2 kids, a rather large dog and the two people who look after those 3 – husband and I. Babies don’t generally take up a lot of space, but there ‘things’ do. Toddler also don’t take up a lot of space but when they play, MAN the mess they make still amazes me. Truly amazes me how FAST of a mess can happen with Hurricane Scarlett comes rolling though.

invest in shelfs before

I am guilty of making piles and saying I’m going to deal with it later, next thing you know later is a year later and the pile had multiplied and transformed into clutter. Once the clutter hits, I start going on a cleaning spree and toss a crap load of … carp. Things that haven’t been used in a year or more. I am trying to watch what is being brought into the house now. For example, my husband bought a new computer chair. His old chair had seen better days. It was all lop sided and torn, it was time to say good bye. The new chair came in, however, the old chair was still hanging around, taking up space. I posted an add if anyone wanted it – no interest. OK so onto the street corner it when with a FREE sign. Yup, few hours later the sucker was gone. The rule (now) is, bring something in, the old thing is going within a week.

I started looking at the problem areas in the house. There was no where to put the things I have organized. Seriously, I tell yea kids take up so much space! I needed help to come up with cheap, affective ways/idea to organize the house. Then it hit me. SHELFS!!!!! So simple. We have towels in the linen closet, however that is no where near the bathroom and we have a tiny bathroom. I can’t tell you how many time I get OUT of the shower to find no towel in the bathroom.  Why not put a shelf over the door for extra room. We have a ton of DVD’s, all organized nicely in decorative boxes… but they sit on the floor. Now the floor is a dangerous area for a few reasons 1. you will trip over it 2. you will never use what is in the box because you’ve stacked things on top of it and 3. it’s fair play for a toddler to open the box and toss every single thing out of it.

invest in shelfs after

I tackled the living room problem area first and I gotta say, it’s amazing how you feel after you declutter an area! The total cost of this quick fix was only $30. I purchased the shelves from Rona.

What have you decluttered lately?

xoxo Ashley
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