When You Least Expect Help & a Smile #ThriftyFoods

It all started with a spilt glass of milk….


Photo Credit: Kit Campbell

I was in the kitchen when I heard a blood curdling scream. I ran upstairs to find my 2 year old heart broken over a glass of milk. I thought someone has snuck in the house and attacked her by the way she screamed.

The morning got worst from there.

I opened the front door and found the rain just hammering down. Great! I put my 3 month old son in the car. I told my 2 year old to wait by her door so I can come and strap her into her car seat.

“Mommy, I’m washing the car!”

…what? Washing the car, that can’t be good. I walked over and there she was, washing my car… with rocks!!!!!

AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tears emerged and streamed down my face. I saw dollar signs floating away. I yelled, “STOP”. She froze. She immediately said sorry and knew she was in trouble. I thought, maybe my husband can buff it out. My 2 year old felt bad, so bad that she sat down in a muddy puddle. She was giving herself a time out.



Photo Credit: Thrifty Foods

Off to Thrifty’s we went. The rain was still coming down hard. I parked as close the entrance as I could. I was hoping that there would be a dry cart. No such luck. Then a delightful Thrifty’s staff member gave me a dry cart! She even helped me load the kids into the cart. This put a smile on my face and lowered my blood pressure!

Inside the staff must have seen my sanity slipping away. All I got was kind gestures and smiles from the staff. They were all so helpful. Sweet and kind. My toddler continued to whine about everything, but as my mood got better, she whined less. I can honestly say, I have never experienced such amazing staff. Thrifty’s has always had a soft spot – local produce, paper bags, open 24 hours, and they deliver! Now, I can say they have made my day just a little better because all the smiles and helping hands.

At the till, I was offered help to my car a few times. It was very kind of them, but I declined, my sanity was coming back. I wanted to take the staff home with me, or maybe I should have just moved into the store. Yea, I’ll just move in. I regret not getting names of the people who helped me, nor did I realize the impact they had on me until we left the store and my children turned back into well, children.

A little bit of kindness and smiles goes a long ways.

Thank you Thrifty’s for giving me smiles and kindness when I needed the most.

xoxo Ashley
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