Diamonds…I’ll Run For Diamonds

The day was a beautiful West Coast day. Cloudy and threating to rain. The mountains seemed so welcoming, yet you knew you shouldn’t hug it right away. The terrain wasn’t going to go easy on us, it was going to make us work for that finish line. It was the 1st ever Diamond Dash up at The Westin Bear Mountain Resort.

Years ago, before I was a mother or a wife, I did the Bear Mountain 10K run – Canada’s Hardest 10K. I thought I was going to die, but I got through it. Clearly, I forgot how difficult the hills were, I mean for the 10K they had a Baby Bear, Mama Bear and a Papa Bear hill. They can’t cram all those into 5K, could they?. They used the other side of the mountain… but the hills were just as unforgiving. BUT I killed those hills asses. After all it was my first race back from having kids, I had to do some awesomeness!

diamond dash fan

Logan peaking out to see us off from the start line.

The hills, OH THE HILLS. If you have ever been to Bear Mountain either to golf or to stay and enjoy the spa, you will have experienced the hills. They are exhausting even just looking at them. It’s not called Bear MOUNTAIN for nothing, it is literally on the side of a mountain!

My husband said to me, “Today is a very dangerous day for you?” Me looking completely puzzled, gave him the ‘WTF are you talking about’ look.
“Half way through this run, you are going to want to sign up for the rest of this race series. Even though you’ve already picked this seasons races.”
My response, with 100% certainty, “I will not.”
Fast forward to 2km into the race. DAMN IT! I hate it when my husbands right. I want to do them all.


This race was very pretty. Maybe the beautiful greens and trees distract you from the grueling hills. Yes, I am still going on about these hills.

Did I mention that this run was sponsored by a jewelry company –Lugaro! I know right! The prizes were DIAMONDS! I’ll run for diamonds.

I am so very proud of Katie and myself. WE DID IT! We got our asses kicked but it was in a good way. A way that drive you to want to do better and keep trying, keep going.

diamond dash mid run

Crossing that finish line was absolutely amazing. It’s a high that only a runner will understand. While running is physical and requires training, it also requires mental toughness. You have to push yourself. Keep going. Keep moving. You’ve got this. You’ve got this!

diamond dash fans

Our fans! 

So I never win anything, I mean anything. That’s why I don’t gamble or get my hopes up at all over, anything! They were doing door prizes first then the big prize give away. Of course, Scarlett turns to me and says she has to potty. Motherhood is a 24/7 job. We got up and walked to the bathroom. We had a successful trip. I walk back in to find my husband smiling. “You won a prize!”

YAY!!!!  I won a new gym bag (& not a moment too soon I was using a falling apart book bag). I was so excited. Then the irony hit me, I won something but I wasn’t in the room! None the less, we’re getting closer to the winning experience!

All in all it was a terrific morning. The rain held off just long enough so that we could finish our run. It was a great first run back.

diamond dash life is good

xoxo Ashley

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