I. Hate. Bedtime!!!!

I Hate Bedtime

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Most parent love when there kids go to bed, there child drifts off to dreamland. This is when parents get time to themselves. They can watch a movie, a TV show, have sex, decompress from the crazy day, or actually have a conversation with one another with out someone going “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mum, Mum, MMMUUUUMMMM!”.  So why do I hate bedtime? Why is this the absolutely worst part of my day? Here’s why.

My daughter will not fall asleep on her own, not since we got that damn toddler bed. I really wish I had kept her in a crib.

I am currently writing this as I sit in the hallway like a monitor. Yup, I’m a hallway monitor. Every 10 minutes, I hear the pitter padder of little footsteps coming by way and I just want to yell at those little feet, GET YOU ASS BACK IN BED. But what would that achieve?

Me, sounding like the worst Mum in the world. I’d also be teaching my daughter another ‘bad word’, something she can add to her vocabulary! I would be yelling, and no body likes Mommy when she yells. It will just take longer for her to go back the frick to sleep (isn’t there a book with a similar title?!).

I don’t want my daughter to think I’m the worst parent in the world. I also don’t want bedtime to be a source of anxiety for her (like it is with me). Seriously, every night I start getting a knot in my stomach, a knot of worry that it’s going to be a fight to get her to sleep.

I don’t get to see my husband very often. I mean, yes I see him before he goes to work and at dinner – that’s  a total of 2 hours.  Woo. We use to talk longer than 10 minutes…I miss that.

I hate bedtime. Let’s see… yup going on 45 minutes of being a hall monitor. 45 MINUTES!!!!!!

I hope I don’t go through this with my son. *sigh

Well, it’s been 15 minutes… and I don’t hear any little feet. Lets wait another 5, just to be safe. I don’t want to restart this whole horrible event again this evening – gotta save some for tomorrow.

xoxo Ashley

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4 thoughts on “I. Hate. Bedtime!!!!

  1. I’ve never had a toddler, so I can not relate (I became stepmom when my kids were 7 & 10), but I just wanted to let you know that I too have times that I feel like a terrible parent. I am sure your toddler will get use to the new bed and things will go back to “normal” soon.

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