I See Public Washrooms As A Spa

i see a public washroom like a spa

Photo Credit: Blueberry Vodka Soap

You may see a public washroom as just another washroom or a gross, germ infested place where you want to scrub yourself after, but not me!

When we go out for a family dinner, which let me tell you, is not often, I will go to the washroom. Alone. And I will take my sweet time. Some may think that I’m clearing out my colon. They would be wrong. I’m enjoying what use to be normalcy in my life.

In a restaurant, I don’t have the kids running in after me. They aren’t asking me to fix something, read them a book or want to brush my hair. Oh yes, getting my hair done while peeing is not uncommon. I am alone. I can use two hands to unbutton my jeans. I can have my hands waving above my head if I wanted to because I am alone.

In a restaurant I can pee in silence. It’s a luxury.

I can do what I need to do. Put on lipstick, freshen up, take a look in the mirror for longer than 4 seconds. While looking in the mirror, I won’t see a pink monkey flying through the air or tiny little hand smudges on the mirror.

I can wash my hands, with warm water and soap! No sticky hands pulling on my pants, “Me next, me next. I want to wash my hands tooooooo”. I will even bring my phone, catch up on the latest event, see who messaged me! Read an article or three.

Before motherhood, I would use a public washroom and get in and get out. I may touch up my lipstick. It was just another washroom. But now it’s like a spa! It’s quiet. The soap smells divine – better than it use to. You can hear the music playing, it’s so soothing and it’s The Wheels on the Bus. Why don’t they have chairs in there?! Or a bed with so tired Mum’s can take a nap, catch a few zzz’s.

Yes, I will take my time in a restaurant washroom.  It’s a little me time!

Parenting is amazing, I love it but sometimes you just want to pee without an audience!

xoxo Ashley

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