Tips & Tricks For The Runner


Weather it be you just had a baby, a New Years resolution or you’ve rediscovered your love for running, here are some tips and tricks to ease you back into it.

Now that I am back to running here are some tips to keep in mind.

**I am not an expert and I do not claim to be. These are tips and tricks that I have learnt by trial and error. If you have serious concerns or preexisting conditions, it is best to consult your doctor first**

Here are a couple tips:

1. Invest — The way I look at it is this, you wouldn’t build a house with a club because it sort of looked like a hammer, you would get a proper hammer. Good shoes are important and for the ladies, a sports bra. 
          a. Runners – they are important for many reasons. With a good pair of runners you can prevent or less the occupancy of blisters and such
         b. Sports bra – if your sports bra is poorly fitted, it can cause upper body tension, reduce breathing,

2. Stretching — I can NOT stress this one enough. By warming up and cooling down, this will help maintain healthy joints and prevent tight muscles and less injuries.

3. Pace — Your pace and speed can and will vary. Try not to be too hard on yourself if you have an off workout. We all have them. You need to take everything into consideration — here are few that are big ones for me.
         a. How you slept — for me, this is HUGE. If I had a terrible sleep, I won’t run as well
         b. Food intake — another big one for me. If I ate like crap, I will perform poorly
          c. Stress
          d. menstrual Cycle — yup, this one is a gooder. UGH!

4. Form  — There are many different types of running forms and not all are going to work for you. It will benefit you greatly to research running form, test them out and see what works for you.

5. Stride — People think when you have to run, that you need to co er as much ground as possible. Not the case. In fact, this is a common mistake. If you try to take big steps, that the equivalent to taking 2 or 3 stairs at a time. This is wasting your energy and has a higher impact on your joints.  You should be aiming for short, quick strides and a turnover of approximately 180 steps a minute.

6. Listen to your body — You will feel aches and pains. If you are still feeling aches  and paints after a couple of days (the same aches and pains from the first day you noticed them), it’s time to look at a active recovery with a lower impact.
Active recovery by definition is a sort of a hybrid between resting and exercising. It involves purposely exercising at a low intensity as a means of helping your body recover from high intensity exercise or muscle soreness.
          a. Cycling
          b. Swimming
          c. Elliptical machine

Minor aches will heal with a little TLC (try an epson salt bath!). Trying easing up a bit and you will continue to improve and progress.

I hope you enjoyed my tips and tricks. They have certainly helped me through my running adventures.

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xoxo Ashley
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