Most Imporant 21.1KM

Most Important 21.1KM

I found myself trying to write a post for today and ever time I sat down, one of the kids needed my attention, the dog wanted out or I couldn’t think of a thing to write due to the fact that my brain was fried. All I can think of is lunch menus and running routines. So I went for a run!

While I was running, I started reminiscing about my first race. It was the BMO Half Marathon back in 2011. I ran it with my two cousins. One was a newbie like me and the other was a very experienced runner, she would run 21.1km for breakfast. I learnt A LOT on this run. I thought I was ready to be a runner, then I ran this run and I realized that I had absolutely no idea what I had gotten myself into.

I had trained for months for this. I was so excited and nervous and every other emotion in between. The day had come. I was laying wide awake in the hotel room, just waiting for my alarm to go off.

Beep, beep, beep

And I was out of bed.

My husband turned on ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and cranked it to get me pumped up. I was ready! I all but ran to the start line to meet my cousins. Stomach in knots. Veins full of adrenial and excitement. I was trying really hard not to throw up. Little did I know, this is how I would feel before EVERY race.

I remember there was this nasty hill up a head of us, I felt a little defeated before I even set foot on the hill, however, my seasons running cousin just cheering us on. “You guys can do this, you got this. Keep going. You get a break at the top of the hill.” To this day, I remember her words every time I’m running hills.

The Most Important 21.1KM 2

The km were passing us under our feet and I wanted to stop and give up. I was in near tears. I had hit ‘the wall’. My seasoned running cousin started to run backwards, in front of me, this blew my mind. How was she still able to have that amount of energy. How was she still so bouncy. How was she still holding herself up?! I want to be able to do that. I want to be that good. She kept me going with words of encouragement. I am her younger cousin and I have always looked up to her, and it’s still that way, I want(ed) to be just like her.

That was the most important run I had ever run. I learnt a lot about myself. When I want to give up, keep going because it gets better. I remember my cousins words of encouragement to this day and on every run. Like I said, BMO run was the most important run I ever ran!

xoxo Ashley

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