5 Things To Survive a Newborn

I take part in a Periscope monthly challenge. Currently we are hashtag #DecemberScopers. The way it works is that there is a prompt everyday. It’s actually a lot of fun. Check it out. We have a support group on Facebook – Scopers Support.


Back in October, one of the prompts for #OctoberScopers was ‘Must Have Items’. Of course I talked about must have baby things.

For new Mum’s, it can be very overwhelming. So many products being thrown in your face, telling you that you ‘must’ have this and that/ People from every which way telling you, this will improve your child’s speech, or help your child walk faster, etc.

With my first pregnancy, the amount of crap I bought and never used was unreal. I was ‘told’ that I needed, that they benefits my child. However, my daughter is perfectly fine and the ‘stuff’ I was told I needed I never used. I personally think that less is more.

Here is my list to get through life with a newborn. Please note, this is a list that I came up with after many trial and errors of what works and what really didn’t for us.

  1. SwingThis is my lifesaver. Put the baby in so that you can shower. Give your arms a rest. Baby can play and discover body parts. Plus, in my case, it mimics my body rocking back and forth. I can only do it for so long before my knee starts to ache.img_20151205_101617.jpg
  2. CarrierThis again was a lifesaver. I went through a few different brands. I had some that would fall off my shoulders, or the straps would dig to the point of discomfort. Then I found the best one (for us), Ergo! I don’t know how I went through my first pregnancy without one.
  3. WineYup! You read that correctly. Wine. A new Mum can be tense, stressed, exhausted. A glass of wine will have relax. I’m not saying drink bottles, I will have half a glass of wine to relax. If you are breastfeeding and are worried about alcohol getting into your breast milk, talk to your doctor. I just time my glass of wine with my sons feeding schedule.
  4. Excellent BookWhile breastfeeding can be an amazing bonding experience, you also need to stay awake. I read a lot of books. I would read them out loud or just snuggle up with baby. I also bottle feed him breast milk, same rules apply.
  5. Sleep Sack I was always worried my wee one was too cold. Though I was terrified if I put a blanket in the crib, my baby would suffocate, so I would never put a blanket in there. A sleep sack was the BEST solution. I found my daughter would sleep a lot better once we figured out the whole ‘blanket’ situation. My daughter absolutely hated be swaddled. Hated it.We have two sleep sacks, summer and winter. The long sleeved one, my Mum found at a craft fair. Logan is a bit small for it but it will keep him cozy once he gains a couple pounds.img_20151208_103445.jpgimg_20151208_103206.jpg
  6. Husband (Partner) I have one of the good ones. You will need to find your own – sorry. He is very hands on with both our kids.  Takes a couple night feeds so that I can sleep longer than 2 hour stretch… more like 4 and if I’m really lucky 5 hours IN A ROW.


xoxo Ashley
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