Trading In My Lingerie For Comfy PJ’s

Scarlett was upset that her music class was canceled, so my husband and I took her to the mall, to play at the indoor structure. On our way out of the mall, I stepped into La Via Rose because I needed warmer PJ’s. My winter ones either no longer fit, had holes in them or the pants went missing… seriously! I can’t find PJ pants. I bet you that I will find them now that I’ve replaced them.

Strolling around the store with my kids, I found a winner. Nice cozy legging style pants and the most adorable long sleeved shirt with a white Scottie dog on it. I KNOW RIGHT!!! Cute.


What is it about Scottie dogs that make things comfy cozy?!

We go up to the till to pay and I look over at the till next to us. There was a young gal with a mountain of sexy, complicated looking lingerie. She was giddy and excited with her purchases. I think it would be appropriate to say she was glowing. She and a special someone are going to have a very Merry December.

I started to laugh, I looked back at my super cute PJ’s. I was very excited. I could see myself snuggling with my kids early in the mornings, watching Paw Patrol. Sitting up with Logan for 2:00 am and 5:00 am feeds, bundled up with blankets.

I would freeze if I was wearing lingerie, plus I think that it would super inappropriate. Oh I can’t wait to snuggle up into my PJ’s.

It’s amazing how time changes and so quickly. Money that use to be spent on clothes, heels, make up, camera equipment, & running gear. Now, the clothes are for the kids, heels..yea no time for heels, make up is worn less, so less money spent. Camera equipment and running gear… I will make time soon for these things again. But I get to watch my daughter kiss her brother and tell him about her day. I get to watch my son learn how to smile and coo.

This is what I buy at the lingerie store now, super comfy PJ’s. Cotton. Fuzzy. Warm. No satin. No lace. No complicated strap things. I get to be comfy and warm for 2:00 am and 5:00 am feeds. I get baby snuggles and Scarlett snuggles. I get to be the super awesome Mum in awesome cool PJ’s.

I’m trading in my lingerie for comfy PJ’s… OK maybe not all my lingerie, it will just live in a box for a little bit.

xoxo Ashley
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