Welcome to Motherhood…again!


Nov 7th @ 7:14 pm our second bundle of joy entered the world with flare!

3 days over due feels like a 1000 extra days has just passed. I had a feeling that when Logan decided to make his grand entrance, he was not going to waste any time. Don’t know how I knew, I just did…and I was right!

Saturday, November 7th, we had just sat down for dinner. It was about 5:00 pm. Scarlett was being awesome and eating all her food. I wasn’t particularly hungry but I ate. I just wanted to sleep. I figure, dinner then bed. Drew was all for this, as I was barley holding my head up and I did not sleep a wink the night before.


I had a pain. A familiar pain.

I excused myself from the table. Drew recognized the look on my face and the tear that slid down my cheek. This could be the real deal… finally.  I went and locked myself in the bathroom, as I did not want to terrify my daughter.

Yup! That was a contraction. Time to make the phone calls.

18 minutes apart. We’ve got a bit of time to get my sister down to pick up Scarlett and than me to get to the hospital.

I called my sister, her response, “We’re in the truck and on our way”. My sister and her husband live 45 minutes away.

Here comes my second contraction. Wait… that wasn’t 18 minutes. That was 10 minutes…

I called my sister back and said, “Ahhhh, they are 10 minutes apart. You’re not going to make it. I’m calling Katie.”

This was no drill. It was GO time.

What. No way. Another contraction 7minutes. Crap! If they hit 5 minutes, my daughter is going to have to come to the hospital with me. Which is the LAST option. I didn’t want her to be afraid of me. I was yelling, screaming and swearing. The words coming out of my mouth made a sailor look well mannered.

My husband had called the doctor to let her know and Katie was already on her way. What would I do with out him!

I was feeling safe in my bathroom. If or when my water decided to break, it would be easy clean up.  My daughter wasn’t being traumatized by me (so I thought). She was actually on the other side of the door tell me it was going to be OK and that she was there for me. She loved me. Yes, she is 2 an half and that sweet and amazing.

Contractions are 4 minutes apart.

We need to go, now!

Katie had the girls upstairs making as much noise as possible so that it would drowned out my yelling and screaming. Though I think it was so the girls didn’t learn some new colourful words.

The drive to the hospital took what felt like an eternity. Then the walk from the car to the 3 floor (Labour and Delivery) that was a challenge. Picture a right angle, that’s what I looked like. Holding onto my husband for support. But I was looking at my shoes… and pissed that my pants were dragging in the water.

Seriously, I kept thinking, “I should ask my husband to roll my pants up”.

Next thing I know, I am being put into a bed and being asked questions about my comfort, test results, etc. My answer was ‘Drugs!!!!!!’ I’m pretty sure that was not the correct answer.

I was told that there wasn’t enough time for anything, except gas. I was ok with that.

Doctor was right, there wasn’t much time. I was 7 cm dilated when I got to the hospital.

From the moment we arrived at the hospital to the moment I was holding my beautiful son in my arms was 45 minutes.

Like I said before, when he decides to come, he would come in a hurry.

I will save you the messy, bloody details but there was a lot of excitement in the delivery room! It was a full room.

I finally had my son in my arms. He is perfect. He is amazing. He is adorable and cuddly.




I wasn’t sure how it would be that I could love two people with everything I have. I didn’t understand how that worked. Turns out your heart grows and it just happens. When I had Scarlett, it was like a new part of me grew, love, caring, compassion, protection and many other emotions and feelings. When Logan was born, all of the same emotions and feelings came rushing back. Everything just doubled.


The nurse (who by the way helped deliver my daughter) smiled at me and said, “Welcome to Motherhood … again”


xoxo Ashley

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