DIY: Dying Pasta for Jewelry


Living on the West Coast, it rains, a lot. We do a lot of puddle jumping but sometimes you want to have a dry inside day.

My daughter LOVES playing with jewelry and she likes trying to make her own by pulling mine apart. The solution I came up with is this, pasta jewelry. I remember playing with this stuff as a kid in class. Counting it. Stringing it and making it into fancy necklaces.

Today we dyed pasta so that we could make some pasta jewelry. It was super easy! It was also something that Scarlett could help me with throughout the whole process. Here is how we coloured our pasta for play.

My daughter stirring the pasta. Keeps her occupied, but she is still helping!

My daughter stirring the pasta. Keeps her occupied, but she is still helping!

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Pasta
  • Food colouring (I used Wilton Concentrated Gel Icing Colours)
  • White Vinegar
  • Small Bowl
  • Baby Spoon
  • Container with a lid or Ziploc bags
  • Cookie Sheets
  • Paper Towel

I had heard you could use rubbing alcohol when mixing the colours, however, I didn’t want to use that. My daughter from time to time still puts things in her mouth. Didn’t seem like a good fit. My Mum suggested using vinegar.

Let’s Get Messy!

  1. Pour your pasta into a container that has a secure lid.wpid-img_20151020_171156.jpg
  2. Using your small bowl, mix a decent amount of food colouring with a teaspoon of vinegar. This will help spread the colour evenly over the pasta. I was using gel colouring so it is quite thick.wpid-img_20151020_171523.jpg
  3. Making sure the lid is secure, I let my daughter shake, shake, shake the container.

    Orange turned out AMAZING.

    Orange turned out AMAZING.

  4. Once you’ve wrestled back the container, check to make sure the colour covered the pasta evenly.  If you think you need to spread the colour out more, add another teaspoon o f vinegar and shake some more.  Your pasta may look a little soggy, but don’t worry it will dry.

  5. Place your pasta on the cookie sheet to dry. I put paper towel under the pasta, I wasn’t too sure if it was going to stain my cookie sheets. Better safe than sorry!  I put my cookie sheets on top of my stove while I was baking some lunch. Helped dry a little faster.  You may need to let the pasta dry over night.


Time to make some jewelry!

wpid-img_20151022_072001.jpg wpid-img_20151022_071908.jpg

The next morning, I found my daughter quietly playing in her room with her bin of colourful pasta. She was be quiet creative with it. I went back a few moments later to check on her and I found her cleaning up her mess! I didn’t ever have to ask. This has been a HUGE hit in our house.

Storage Tip:

I am a bit of an organizational freak, so we keep our pasta jewelry in a container, in a dry place. As long as it’s in a sealed dry container — and your child doesn’t eat it, step on it or throw it at your dog — you should be able to keep  this forever.


We had a lot of fun dying the pasta. Hope you do too. I’d love to see what you and your kids came up with. 

xoxo Ashley

Did you enjoy this DIY? Did you have fun making it? If so, give a gal a click below! Till next time.

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