[REVIEW] – That’s Fancy For #FancyNancy


I found that I had a moment to myself in the mall. I know weird right!? But the stars aligned and I was alone. OK, maybe I wandered off while Scarlett was playing at the indoor structure with her Dad. None the less. I had a mini vacation going on, so I wandered into the book store.

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but  as I was perusing (that’s fancy for looking) the shelves at the bookstore I found an interesting book for Scarlett. Fancy Nancy. Scarlett loves books. She sits a if she is interested enough, will spend up to an hour!!!! reading it herself.  

I sat down in the middle of the aisle and started flipping through this beautifully detailed book. I myself started to read this fascinating (that’s fancy for interesting) book. The colours, the detail, the personality of Nancy. My daughter was going to love this.

Every time I was about to flip the page, I would see a little extra cute detail on the page.

As I continued through this book I noticed the vocabulary. It was a step up from what Scarlett was usually use to. I am finding that there are a few new words introduced throughout the book. The way they are explained is: extraordinarily (that means great ) brilliant (that’s fancy for smart). At the end of the book, the author summarizes the words that were introduced. 


Nancy is a fancy kinda gal. She likes tea parties, dressing up and adding sparkle to everything she does. She has manners, adventures and lessons that are learnt. Sometimes, she even speaks french.  She is just so fancy that way.

Scarlett is OBSESSED with these books. Seriously! We need to rotate the books we do have because if we let her, we’d read the same story every single night. The books have to ‘disappear’ so we can get some variety in there.

If I am in the kitchen, I can hear Scarlett reading to her stuffed animals. I poke my head in and she is reading them Fancy Nancy. She describes what is happening on the pages. I have even caught her using the ‘fancy’ words that Nancy uses. The new words are sinking in!

I highly recommend these books for your little girls (and boys too if they are into that). I haven’t seen Scarlett so engaged in a books series for this long.


The price point isn’t bad either. I purchased the Fabulous Fall Storybook Collection, which contains 6 stories for $12.99. which I thought was a great deal. The single books are reasonably priced as well, We purchased Fancy Nancy: Budding Ballerina for $4.99 — Scarlett starts dance class soon (highland dance). The picture books do vary.

As you child grows into reading, there are level of Fancy Nancy.

  • Picture Books
  • Chapter Books (Nancy Clancy)
  • I Can Read! Books Step 1
  • There are also Activity, colouring and Sticker books!
  • Of course there are Storybook Collections as well at different reading levels
  • and yes eBooks too. We haven’t tried out the eBooks, as we like to have Scarlett physically read and handle the books.

Still not convinced why Fancy Nancy is a great character? Here are some more reasons I love these books as a parent:

  • teaches your kids to be who they are. you want to wear a party dress to school go for it!
  • throws a little french in some books and how to properly say the french word.
  • expands your child’s vocabulary
  • Nancy isn’t afraid to try new things
  • problem solving
  • how to use manners and be polite

Are you going to give Fancy Nancy a try? What books does your child like?

xoxo Ashley

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