The Great Pumpkin Patch Adventure


Most of our family traditions seem to be forming and happening in the Fall. Thanksgiving. Pumpkin patch. Making halloween decorations. Caving pumpkins. Walking in the crisp autumn air and enjoy the park. Of course Halloween. One of my favorite traditions is the pumpkin patch.

I love the Fall. It is the best season of them all, by far. And no month of October is complete without a trip to the pumpkin patch.

I don’t know where my daughter’s obsession with pumpkins came from but she LOVES them. I mean, we will be walking in a grocery store and pass by the gourdes and you think she just saw the hottest boy band. She was at her GG’s house one afternoon and they went to the market. My Mum said she ran over to to the vegetable stand and asked for a pumpkin. I laughed. Because as this story was being told to me, Scarlett came running up to me and said, “LOOK LOOK! My little pumpkin. She was treating it like it was her baby. It was the cutest thing.”


Our trip to the pumpkin patch was like Disneyland to her. “MUM! MUM! LOOK AT THE ALL THE PUMPKINS.” Then she was like this little pink blur. She was racing towards the pumpkins.


She had to touch them all. She had to make sure they all were OK in the dirt. If one was dirty, she would clean it off. If one was clean, she had to make sure it was dirty. I don’t think I will ever understand the workings of a toddler mind. And I’m OK with that.

wpid-img_20151019_085733.jpg wpid-img_20151019_085659.jpg

There were a few squished ones. “OH Mommy. The pumpkin guts yucky.”

She ran through that pumpkin patch as if it were her own. She wanted to take every pumpkin home with her. She wanted to touch every single one.


It was a successful day at the patch. It was a successful year. I love spending time with my family. I love making memories, seeing them laugh and just be happy. It’s the best gift a Mum could ask for.


Last year was the first time that I took Scarlett to the pumpkin patch. I have most definitely learnt a few things since then.

What I learnt from last year:

  • you’re going to get dirty, bring a change of clothes just in case
  • We live in Victoria. It rains. Wear boots!
  • Leave the snacks in the car. She will be too excited to want to have anything to do with what’s in her backpack
  • Dress warm. You can always take layers off, but you can not put them on if you don’t have them
  • A muddy buddy is your best friend at the pumpkin patch (hello it is a farm after all)
  • The morning is better because then you will get a solid nap in after. Fresh air and dirt are a napping secret formula.

What sort of family fun do you get up to? What are your family traditions?

xoxo Ashley

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