Say It Sunday – A Little Alone Time


I saw this and it brought me back to when there was pure pressure in high school to have a boyfriend (or girlfriend). You had no status without ‘someone’. I always thought that was pretty stupid.

I remember my Dad saying to me that you can’t be in a relationship with someone and be happy, until you don’t know how to be alone. This has stuck with me. Turned out to be true.

Sure I dated, but for years I was never in a serious relationship. I liked finding out about what I liked. What I didn’t like. I discovered writing, running and photography. I don’t think that I would have found some of those things if I were with someone.

It’s good and healthy to find out who you are.

I still have days and hobbies that I do alone, as does my husband. I think it’s very important.

xoxo Ashley

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