She’s Growing Up <3

17 days..
17 days until my due date…
not that I’m counting or anything.

I’ve been nesting, no not like a bird, like a mother expecting a little munchkin.

Getting the baby room set up and spotless. Make sure I have supplies, diapers, wipes, formula (if needed), bottles, breast pump is working. Clean walls, flooring, every tiny little crack. Everything must have it’s place. Scarlett is getting use to the fact that she is a big girl and no longer a baby.

As I’ve been doing all this, I explain to Scarlett that her brother is coming and she is going to be a big sister.We try to get her involved in everything that we do. I think it’s starting to sink in because she walks around telling everyone she is a big girl and that the baby in my tummy is her baby.

Not only that, but she carries her baby now, she changes her diaper, walks her in the stroller, feeds her, rocks her to sleep. We haven’t got to the bathing state yet, but I’m sure we’ll be there in no time.

We will be driving in the car and Scarlett with whisper to her baby, “I love you”. I smile. She will be a great big sister.


I have been worrying that she is going to hate being a big sister. That she will yell and scream because there is a new baby in the house and she still might. But I think every Mum does that when the second baby comes along. Worries about how there child will react the newest addition to the family. 

I have been trying to encourage her to be a little more independent. Brushing her own hair. She is a pro at brushing her teeth too.She can clean up her own toys. Pick up things when I drop them because I can’t bend over. She can put on her own shoes, and coat. She is getting better at attempting to dress herself. She makes her bed (OK she throws the blanket on the bed and tucks in her stuffed animals for the day. I will take what I can get). 

Scarlett amazes me every day. When I pick her up from daycare, she runs up for a hug and a kiss yelling, “YOU’RE BACK!!!!”. Then she gives her brother a little rub.

She is going to make a wonderful big sister.

I worry less after seeing what she’s capable of. She helped build her brothers crib, she helped go through all her toys and the ones she doesn’t play with anymore. She even picked out a couple books of hers that she said her brother could have.

She is growing into such an amazing little person and I suppose that is all a parent can ask for.

xoxo Ashley

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