So Easy A Parent Could Do It

Ever have those moments where you just smack yourself in the face because the solution was right there in front of you?

Toddler pants, jeans to be specific. Evil little things. I am not a fan of toddler jeans, they are so small and stiff; It seems like the kids have a hard time moving around in them. However, I did manage to find a pair for my daughter that weren’t so stiff and hard. They look really comfortable. Good length, and they won’t get holes in them as fast as leggings do, unfortunately the waist is too big and she has a hard time keeping those bad boys up.

A belt. That’s what I need.

Do they make belts that small. Then I remembered back to my childhood. Little snap fasteners.

I asked my Mum friends if they knew where I could get those little fasteners you put at the back of the pants to just hold it all together. Of course I got an excellent response – yes they did!

Perfect! This will be my weekend task.

Later that morning I got a text from my girl friend who watch Scarlett – you all remember Katie.

Here is how the conversation went:

Katie: I am not sure if you noticed, but, Scarlett’s jeans have an adjustable waistband!

Me: WHAT THE <insert colourful language here>. SERIOUSLY?

Me: OMG!

Me: I mean. Yup totally knew that. OK no I didn’t know that.

Katie: I will show you this afternoon!!!!!

Me: OMG. Facepalm!

Katie: Best invention ever.

Katie: 🙂

Katie: It was dark when you got her dressed 😉

Me: Actually it was. lol.

Me: However, she has worn them before. Facepalm again!

Ever have these moments? I feel like I have them all the time lately – I’m going to chalk this one up to being pregnant and tired.

The solution was LITERALLY right in my face. LITERALLY!!!!!!!!

I went home and checked every single one of her pants! Maybe they all are adjustable and I won’t need a belt after all.

OH LOOK! What does this contraption do?!

OH LOOK! What does this contraption do?!

You can adjust the size of your childs pants! Pull the elastic to the next button hole and TA DA!

You can adjust the size of your childs pants!
Simply pull the elastic to the next button hole and TA DA! No belt needed! IT’S BUILT IN.

Ahh those moments you’ll never forget.

Sure enough, all but two pairs of her pants had these handy built in adjustable straps. It’s so easy a parent could do it.

Every time I put on her pants now, I have a little giggle to myself.

xoxo Ashley

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