Bub-bub-bubble, Gup-gup-guppies!
Bubble, bubble, bubble!
Guppy, guppy, guppies!

Couple of my girl friends and I took the wee ones to go see Bubble Guppies LIVE! last week.

What a great show.

If you recall, I took Scarlett to see Dora the Explore LIVE! a few months back. This show was just as excellent.

Scarlett was up dancing to every song! Helping the Guppies find Bubble Puppy who was lost. They couldn’t do the rock concert without Bubble Puppy, so of course all the kids in the audience to help them on there journey to find Bubble Puppy. 

I love taking my daughter to these shows. She has so much fun. She was jumping up and down! She yells (when appropriate). She laughs and is just amazed. Scarlett had a smile on her face the whole time.


When Katie and I told the girls where we were taking them that night, they looked at the TV, which was off, and had a very confused look on their faces. “No Bubble!” as they pointed to the TV.

Live shows aren’t always interesting for kids. You can’t get them to stay still for a movie at home, let alone a play in a theater. But with these shows, it’s fantastic! Kids can be kids! They have  a rough idea of what is going to happen. They know the songs. The characters.

I remember going to plays as a kid, but I was older of course. I had a hard time sitting still then. I couldn’t imagine having Scarlett sitting still through a play. These LIVE! shows are a great stepping stone for live theater.

When her and I got home, she ran up to her Dad and told him about ALL the characters and the songs. She kept telling him, ‘Daddy, I help find Bubble Puppy!!!’. She was so excited to share her experience with her Dad. I’m pretty sure she fell asleep telling her pink monkey and her baby all about what she saw. 


Have you seen Bubble Guppies LIVE!? What show(s) did your kids love? Did you take them to live plays?

xoxo Ashley

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