Things I Am Grateful For This Month – September

Another month has passed, and far to quickly I might add.

One day it’s Sept 7th, I’m out with the girls for dinner then the next moment I know, its’ 5 weeks until I get to meet my baby – well give or take a day or two.

Here are a couple things that I’m grateful this month.

1.Having my husband come home every night. I get to talk to him face to face, no email required. I can hug him and kiss him. I can snuggle up on the couch with him and watch a movie. We can have a family dinner where there is an actual conversation, not me talking to a two year old (though I do enjoy our dinners together too). I get to kiss my husband goodbye and off to work we go.


2. The ability to clean my laundry whenever I need too. Let just say if I laugh a little to hard or sneeze, I may need some clean panties. Hey! I’m very pregnant here! I have a a few pounds of wiggly baby sitting on my bladder.


33 weeks pregnant!

3. An excellent sense of humor. I have to be able to laugh at myself at this state of my pregnancy. If you visited my Facebook page you will have seen that I had to ask my husband to help me get my boots on because my baby bump wouldn’t allow me to bend over to put my boots on and I kept falling over. It was a good while before we stopped laughing at the situation and actually got my boots on. 


4. 5 hours of straight sleep. I take what I can get. Either my daughter comes in at 3:00 am and crawls into bed with me or my tummy wakes me up because I’m starving.


September has been an excellent month.

I am really looking forward to October, big changes and all sorts of adventures lay ahead.
How was your September? Good, Bad, Ugly?

xoxo Ashley

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