Toddler Steps Towards Sleep


This should be one of the first thing a parent is told they need to acquire or learn or obtain or steal, or somehow get when they find out they are going to be called Mommy and Daddy.

As a parent you are constantly changing or adjusting your routine.

When my daughter was in her crib, she was the perfect bedtime baby/toddler. Never tried to climb out. You put her down and she would sleep. Maybe on the odd occasion, she might cry for a couple moments but that was it. The best part was that my husband and I got some down time in the evening. We could have a conversation with each-other and not have a little person, saying ‘Mommy, Daddy” ever couple seconds.

While we love spending time with her, but sometimes you just need a break.


As you’ve read in my previous post (Toddler Beds & Sleepless Nightsswitching to a toddler bed hasn’t been without challenges. Anywhere from an hour to 4 hours to get her to sleep. I understand that it’s a new situation for her but the only thing that has changed is the fact there are no rails. The mattress is the same. The sheets are the same. The room is the same. Seriously the only difference is no rails, which I guess is a whole new world for her. It’s freedom.

We, as parents had to adjust to a new bedtime routine. Keeping the things that work but changing the things that didn’t. We no longer can read a story, put her to bed, close the door and BAM! sleepy time.

Now we read one picture book, put her into bed, turn out the lights, then read to her from a chapter book (ex. Charlotte’s Web). It takes a little longer to get to sleep. We just adjusted naptime and bedtime. It’s working, just takes longer for her to fall asleep now. But as time marches on, bedtime is getting faster because she is now understanding that this is bed time.


Auntie experiencing a sleeping Scarlett… and she’s stuck

Guess what!?  It’s going to change again when the new baby comes.

I can’t complain that my life is dull, because it most certainly isn’t.

I’m just happy that bedtime is normalizing again, it’s different but baby steps! You have to learn to walk before you can run!

xoxo Ashley

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