Dora Moved & Took My Sanity With Her


photo credit: Dora Wika via Google

photo credit: Dora Wiki via Google

My daughter was having a tough day and asked if she could have a snack and watch Dora. I got her snuggled up on her little couch with a snack and turned on Netflix.

Huh! Where is Dora?

I do a search… nothing.

My heart starts to race. I do a little side glance at my daughter to see if she notices I’m trying to hide the panic because I know she has her little heart set on Dora and she could have a melt down at any moment.

I can’t find it. This is very odd. It was here yesterday.

Netflix what have you done!?

I persuade Scarlett to watch Paw Patrol – my sanity thanks you for not taking away Paw Patrol!!!! If you know my daughter even a little bit, when she has her heart set on something, it’s not the easiest task to change it.

After hyping up Paw Patrol, she agrees.

I get her settled — finally.

I sit down at my laptop to investigate where Dora has gone. WHAT BUBBLE GUPPIES IS GONE TOO!!! What are you doing to me Netflix, you’re killing me. Yes, I find Dora’s upbeat attitude a little annoying but Scarlett loves it, so I suck it up and sing along. 

If you visit my Facebook page, you will have seen that I posted where these two shows and a few others shows went. Netflix let their contract expire! Dora moved over to Amazon.

Try explaining that to a two year old, it’s not going to fly so well. We may have to stick to Dora books and colouring books now. But this could take a toll on my sanity.

Doesn’t Netflix know that I am about to have another baby and I was counting on Dora being there to help and support me during breastfeeding? No one can replace Dora, well maybe Bubble Guppies. OH WAIT! They left too. It’s up to you Paw Patrol! 

I think we may have to quit Dora and Bubble Guppies cold turkey. I do NOT want to sign up for another streaming service. I love Netflix, but I am not currently happy with there choice to let Dora explore another company (I know, cheesey pun). I may have to resort to using… a DVD for Scarlett’s Dora fixes. I wonder if I can find my DVD player until all the dust…
So that’s where Dora and Guppies went, to another streaming network. They won’t treat you as good, we will always love you more! COME BACK — for my sanity sake.

xoxo Ashley

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