Because of a Muffin…

photo credit: leather-lynx via deviant art

photo credit: leather-lynx via deviant art

I was craving a muffin. The lady behind the counter asked if I would like it warmed up. I responded without even thinking. ‘Yes please’.

Now, I am pretty predictable with food. I like my food a certain way, and that’s that. I never have my muffins warmed up OR with butter. I just eat them as is. But I had this muffin warmed up, and it was delicious. I’m not sure if it’s because I am pregnant that food tastes so much better or if food is just tasting better.

This muffin was an experience.

As I sat enjoying this slight change in my life. I thought, what else could I just slightly change and it would be amazing!

So I started just slightly shifting things. At work, while I am at my desk, I took my shoes off. Yup, I did! It was amazing. My toes were free for a short period of time. I felt more comfortable and when I feel more comfortable, I tend to be a bit more productive. I’m not shifting around or fiddling with something else. I am focused. Huh! Cool!

What else! What else!

After a couple days of this new thing of just slightly altering, shifting or modifying aspects of my life, I thought, why not apply this to my daughters activities. I was making dinner in the kitchen and she was playing with her Klipp Klopp horses, and I asked her if she wanted to help Mommy make dinner. Oh yes Mommy!

I got out her plastic food and a pot from the cupboard. Gave her a wooden spoon and away she went. I asked her to add exactly what I was adding and doing. She was having a blast.

I find when I need to make changes in my life, I go too big and the change never sticks. It’s like a burst of energy, it’s great while it last then it’s gone. Maybe, just maybe, if I make smaller adjustments, like little tweaks, this could improve they way I do things, see things, feel about things.

This huge revelation all because of a muffin. Isn’t it funny where we get our inspirations from and how they allow us to view everything.
Hmm I think I need another muffin…

xoxo Ashley

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