A Girl & Her Dinosaur

When people ask if my daughter is a girly girl. I respond: Yes, but with a twist.

She loves trucks and dinosaurs!!! and I embrace this. However, she loves dresses and she wears my heels around the house and I embrace this also.

We had to make an emergency trip to the dentist (Call her Chip) and as a prize for being such a good girl, she picked out a bright green dinosaur.


What an interesting choice, I was impressed. She is allowed to bring a toy to daycare and to my surprise, the green dinosaur went on more than one occasion. In fact, he still goes.

I started looking at her toys and the ones she plays with the most. She loves her dolls. She loves her cars. Her blocks. Her puzzles. Brushing Mommy’s hair until her scalp hurts. She loves to play in the dirt, and eat the dirt, and bring the dirt inside and dump it on the kitchen floor but then she immediately wants to wash her hands and be nice and clean. She loves her water table.  She is also a big climber.

She is a well rounded girl.

This is why I have such a hard time trying to pick out clothes, toys and bedding of all things for her. Everything is either for a boy or for a girl. It’s pink or green.

Growing up, lego came in one giant container. It wasn’t all pink or all black. It was basic colours and everyone played with it. Now it’s pink for girls. Seriously? And if you are lucky enough to find the ‘classic’ lego (am I really old enough to say ‘classic’? WOW), it will cost you a bloody fortune.

When did toys become so gender focused? Yes, there has always been barbies and trucks but there are two versions of everything now. For example: little walkers for babies who are learning to walk. Girls get a stroller and boys get a lion. Well my daughter wanted the lion, so we got the lion. We had a visitor over who made the comment, oh my son has that. You know there is a stroller for girls?!   Who cares?!

I want my daughter to experience everything. If she wants a truck for her birthday. Great. If she wants a doll. Cool. Same goes for when my son is born. I want him to have a doll. I want him to play dress up with his sister. I want them to sit and eat mud pies together.

I don’t like how everything has become so stereotypical.
If my daughter wants to push her little dinosaur around in her stroller and play dress up with it, good! She is using her imagination and becoming who she is meant to be. She is becoming an independent thinker. She thinks outside the box and I love her for it.

xoxo Ashley

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