The Grossly Sweet Orange Drink

A couple weeks ago, I had to go and do my glucoses tolerance test. Or as I refer to it “The Orange Drink”.

OH god! that drink, I did not miss it at all. It’s super sweet, I mean worst than eating a spoonful of sugar or a bag of candy. And you have to drink a rather large amount of it in 5 minutes. Barf.

A girl friend of mine described it as ‘that orange drink you use to get at McDonalds (I am not sure if they still serve this or not. If they don’t my generation will know exactly what I am talking about).

I do remember doing this with my first pregnancy. It was horrible than too.

This test is however necessary. While waiting 60 minutes after drinking this ‘delightful’ drink, I looked up some facts about gestational diabetes and why I had to take this test.

  • Check how your body regulates your sugar levels.
  • Gestational diabetes is cause by your pancreas failing to produce enough of the hormone insulin. And as we all know, insulin regulates the sugar in our blood.
  • When you are pregnant, your body has to produce extra insulin to meet not only your growing body demands but your babies as well. This really starts to kick into gear around 5 months.
  • Up to 14% of pregnant women develop gestational diabetes
  • If you do have gestational diabetes, your baby will not be born with diabetes, those could develop during his/her life.
  • If you have gestational diabetes and it goes untreated or diagnosed, it could mean that your baby will weigh more, possibly a difficult delivery.
  • Certain people are at higher risk than others.
  • Good news! gestational diabetes can be managed!
    • healthy diet
    • achieving normal weight gain during pregnancy
    • staying active.
    • getting good night sleep
    • reduce stress


During the orange drink… bottoms up.  You can see I know what’s coming by the look in my eyes.


SO TERRIBLE! SO SO SO TERRIBLE!!!! I feel like they should hand you the cup and then a toothbrush!

In no way am I an expert on the matter. I just did some reading. Canadian Diabetes Association  

xoxo Ashley

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