A Snowy Memory

Did your parent ever surprise you as a kid? Something they did? Something that you got as a gift and just blew your mind to this day?

photo credit: Jacqui Smit via Pintrest

photo credit: Jacqui Smit via Pintrest

I am not entirely sure why I thought of this, this morning because the sun was shinning and it was hot out already (22 degrees at 8:00 in the morning). I live on Vancouver Island, we don’t get snow, or I should say very rarely do we get snow. But the snow we get is slushy, really wet snow and heavy. Not ideal for snowball fights, building snowmen or anything constructive really. We do get lots of rain and clouds. I like it. But as a kid you want so snow. You wake up hoping you get a snow day, but there is 3 inches of rain instead.

Hmm wonder if they will ever enforce a ‘Flood Day’

One Christmas my sister and I really wanted snow. Now we knew it more than likely wouldn’t happen because Christmas day was suppose to be sunny and +2.

Well Christmas morning came. Morning hot chocolate. PJ’s. Family. It was a cozy great morning. I remembered we opening up our stockings and then my step Dad opened the blinds and we were blinded by this odd light. It was the sun reflecting off the snow. YES! SNOW! My Mum and step Dad had bought snow for us and filled our front yard.

I don’t think my Mum could get it out fast enough to put on our boots, but we were out there in the snow. Yes in our PJ’s. I remember just laying in it. It was so cold and it felt great.

That was the coolest thing my parents ever did – well one of the coolest. They did a lot of fun things and surprises for us.

So now you see why that is very odd for me to remember this member during the middle of summer in a drought.

What are some of your memorable memories from your childhood?

xoxo Ashley

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