Let’s Get Saucy!

Remember all those apples that I was raving about? Well, they have taken on a new delicious form – APPLE SAUCE.

If you are pregnant (lets say for example you’re 6 months), make sure you have help. You could become extremely tired, sore and possibly cranky while trying to do everything yourself. Just saying I know someone that happened too!

Let’s get down to business.

I have tried a number of recipes for apple sauce over the years and this one from Bernardin recipe is my favorite. It’s really easy to follow and you get amazing sauce. I would recommend reading though the whole thing first, make sure you have everything you need. Because I ASSUMED I had some sugar and to my surprise I was out.

Hurry Hunny!!!! I need some sugar!


You must prep your jars. I get so excited when I have clean jars. I know that is really weird but maybe it’s the OCD in me or the fact that they sparkle once they are clean! Something about clean jar…

I asked all my friends if they had any jars that they didn’t want, and I would pay them with some apple sauce. Naturally they just wanted to get rid of there jars… the apple sauce in return was a bonus.


Man your battle stations…

If you have one of these handy dandy apple peelers/coring devices! Time saver. If not, I’d highly recommend obtaining one. They are wicked. You put the apple on three prong spike and turn the handle. It cores the apple WHILE peeling it! The things people create are amazing!

wpid-img_20150804_104709.jpg wpid-img_20150804_104910.jpg

This box of apples turns in to elegantly sliced, peeled and cored apples! It’s like a magic trick.

wpid-img_20150804_122738.jpg wpid-img_20150804_123044.jpg

Meet my helpers. My amazing husband, he had to fight off the bees while preparing the apples. Then this little cutie, she lined up the apples and she decided which ones were best for the sauce (they all made the cut).

How adorable is her little apron!


Let make some sauce. I added a wee bit of sugar and some cinnamon. As you blend the mixture, don’t be alarmed, it will change colour.


IT’S ALIVE!!! with amazing aromas and tastiness. I love making apples sauce for the simple fact that my house smells so unbelievably good. I love the smell of apples. It’s so inviting.

wpid-img_20150804_123145.jpg wpid-img_20150804_123313.jpg

She takes her work seriously. Making sure we get every last apple out of that box. She was such a good little helper. In a couple years, she can help with the hot stove portion of work. Stirring is very important.

We only managed to get through 1 box of 3. Like I mentioned before, pregnancy… it takes a toll on you. Though my house does smell delightful. Sweet apples. However, the bees smell that smell too.


Having a milk break. She loved helping. Such a great little helper.

It was a fun afternoon of family apple sauce making. Scarlett was a huge help. She was great entertainment while the bees were visiting.

Go away bee. Go away. My apples.

She showed them who’s boss.

We got 6 L of apple sauce. I still have two boxes to go! and might I add, these three boxes were from one tree, there are still two more that need to be picked! I think we’ll be good on sauce for the year.

Our apple picking adventure was so much fun as a family and so was our saucy afternoon!

What are some of your favorite canning recipes? What sort of fun actives do you and your family do? Traditions?

xoxo Ashley

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