Things I Am Greatful For This Month – July

When I was younger, my Mum gave me a journal to write in. I already had a diary but this one was special. She said every night before you go to bed, write at least 3 things you are grateful for that day. They can be big or they can be small. At first I didn’t understand the point of this activity but I did it because it made me feel good. I did this everyday and I started to see the point of it. No matter how dark and gloomy life may get, there is always something to be grateful for, always.

July has been a very busy and exhausting month. Weddings. Holidays. Working. The house. And then all the everyday actives. It just seems to always happen in one month. But I am still grateful for many things.

  1. A healthy baby. This little boy hasn’t stopped kicking me since about 14 weeks into this pregnancy. I read an article saying that while babies are in womb, they will sleep from 10-12 hours a day… well I call BS on this little guy. If this is what is to come, I will be back to my pre baby weight in no time!

    23 Weeks

    23 Weeks

  2. My sister. I wouldn’t be very far in life with out her.
  3. Summer breeze. Sound corny but oh so very true. We leave our doors and windows open to cool the house down and when you get that breeze through your house, oh it’s so amazing.

    photo credit: Nerdy With Children via Google

    photo credit: Nerdy With Children via Google

  4. The ability to express myself in anyway I feel. Weather it be words or a temper tantrum. Yes, pregnancy has brought out the temper tantrums.
  5. Family. Near and far. You defiantly can’t pick your family but why would you want to, you wouldn’t have any good stories.


What are you most grateful for?

xoxo Ashley

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