Family Fun!

I am always looking for fun things to do with the family on the weekend, I prefer it to be free! It can get expensive with a little one.

Summer time there is always something going on, you have to take your pick from all the festivities. Some have children activities there and others are all about the childs entertainment. Bring out the kids, parents will follow!

We found a fun Strawberry Festival out at Beaver lake. There was everything, fire trucks, police cars, live music, pony rides, bouncy castles, the list goes on. There were things for all ages to do.

Scarlett’s favoriate thing was the train ride, which surprised me. She has been a little clingy as of late, so I didn’t think she would actually go for it. But she did.


Scarlett and Daddy on there way to the next event. Playground, a little dancing by the live band, or yup dancing ON the playground wins!


The bouncy castle queen! The moment she saw this castle, from couple hundred feet away, BOUNCY CASTLE! It’s like crack for children.


Oh the train, the train! She loved the train, she did not want to get off of it. Round and round the track.


The circus you say… could be an adventure.


Lunch time! This kid was so excited when she saw FRENCH FRIES MOMMY!!!! Oh yummy.


No matter how many times you tell her to blow on it because it’s hot, she still puts the hot french fry in her mouth.

We had such a fantastic time, so fantastic that before we left the parking lot Ms. Scarlett was asleep and when we got home she there was a smooth transition from the car to her bed and a VERY long nap. Long naps means Mommy gets a short one 🙂

I love family fun events.

xoxo Ashley

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