Work is Exhausting, So I Everything Else Though

24 weeks pregnant and work is starting to be a bit challenging. Well everything really.

Just energy to stand up sometimes is hard enough. Sitting for long periods of time, then standing and leaning over the drawing tables, it’s becoming a little taxing but I still have 3-4 months to go until I am on maternity leave.

I have learnt from my first pregnancy, as much as I think I am super women, I can’t do it all – when I’m pregnant. I need help and low stress. I have learnt this, so have my bosses. I was put on stress leave about about 7 months with Scarlett. Bed rest. I couldn’t do anything really. I was allowed to for a walk in the morning, not to exceed 30 minutes and one in the evening, same rules applied. Had to keep life as low stress as possible. Sounds easy… yea not really, especially for a first time Mum. I was stressed out about being stressed.

Well this time, I have learnt from the first one. My bosses have taken away stressful situation from me. They don’t overload me with work – which is making me so much more productive. There is an add out for my maternity replacement. I want to train them, fill them in on open projects. I take pride in my work, so I want to make sure it’s being done right. But even with a low stress environment, my body is still really feeling the affects of work. I want to stay as long as possible. My doctor said that we will have to assess every month but doesn’t see why I can’t work up until my due date – YAY! I am use to working 10 hour days and then coming home and being a Mum. However, this pregnancy reminds me that I am human and I am currently growing a person inside of me.

Wouldn’t that be amazing if I were superwomen though! Get mulitple tasks done and still feel great. Oh what if I could work in an office that I could just float, no pregnancy weight to weigh me down. Oh, that would be amazing. SO AMAZING.

But sadly, I am not superwomen (don’t tell Scarlett), I am Mum, pregnant Mum. I do my best every single day. I am teach Scarlett to be a little bit more independent, I made chores for her fun. I am going to need her help when her brother comes because as I have just established, I am not super women, just Mum.

xoxo Ashley

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