Weddings Are a Beautiful Thing

She’s married!

My little sister is married! Words can’t describe how happy I am for her or how proud I am of her. She married a good man. I will let some photos do the talking for me. I’m going to get all mushy. Enjoy ❤

The happy couple.

The happy couple.


All of our dresses, just waiting to be worn and the day to start!

Beautiful wedding cake

The beautiful wedding cake. This cake was made by my Mum. Flowers and all and each layer was a different flavour. Each layer was absolutely amazing – yes, i had a piece from each layer 🙂

wpid-20150704_163751.jpg The beautiful bridesmaids. These girls were so much fun! Thank you for putting up with a pregnant lady all day. Yes, that is me with the water. Ever so envious of those nice ice cold beers.

wpid-20150704_185734.jpg Can you tell that we are related? I love my family so much. We had a blast – hmm who is getting married next. Oh, that’s right, my step sister in a month. YIPPY!


Father Daughter dance.


Father Daughter dance. We are lucky two have to father figures in our life.


First dance as Mr. & Mrs. Baker


These two will have a father daughter dance one day. I will be a little ball of tears, sort of like now, only a little more messy!

People kept giving her candy, maybe that’s why we was up 3 hours past when we was suppose to go home. Ah who cares, she had fun!


The speeches were amazing. These two are so lucky that they have so many people who love them. I was the first to give a speech. I did good, I didn’t fall flat on my face.


Goofy girl. You can see the candy glow.


Dance, dance, dance! The candy is kicking in!


 My husband and I were running around most of the day and well into the evening so I think this was one of the few moments we got to see each other! Weddings make me so happy and make me feel so greatful that I still feel like we were just married yesterday. Love, it’s a wonderful thing.

What do you love about weddings the most? Dancing? Cake? Family?

xoxo Ashley


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