Here I Come Maternity Leave

In a few months I am going to be going back on maternity leave and I am looking forward to it. See my Mum friends on a regular basis. Taking Scarlett to music class, playdates and play groups. I get to enjoy my kids. I get to know my new baby and to see Scarlett grow up. Also to get my balance as a new mother of two.

Photo Credit: via Google

Photo Credit: via Google

At this moment in time, I’m not as freaked out as I was when I was pregnant with Scarlett. I’ve done this before. I will learn a lot faster. However, it doesn’t help that everyone wants to give me there advice. “Having 1 is like having none”, “Oh you’re never going to sleep again.”, “Say good bye to your social life”. Yes, that is extremely helpful advice, very constructive.

I will be honest, it was bothering me for awhile because I let it. I worried about the things I already know about, that don’t happen for the rest of my life. I have decided to take that ‘helpful’ advice, and smile and nod and then forget it. I am a polite person, I smile and nod because I don’t want a big fight over everything. Life’s short.

My Mum always told me,

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

I know that for the first few months, it’s going to be an adjustment. I won’t get my 8 hours of sleep (yes I currently get that now – my daughter is an awesome sleeper). I know that I will have a melt down or two because Scarlett is asking for something and baby boy need my full attention. I struggled with this, with Scarlett at first to, but we got through it. She is becoming a very independent little helper.

Photo Credit: via Google

Photo Credit: via Google

My husband and I were out on a date last night, and as parents do on dates, we were talking about our kids (naturally). But he said something that made sense, “our job as parents is to raise humans who can go out into the world and take care of themselves and a participant of society.” The light bulbs went off. Give them love, give them the tools to succeed and watch them be awesome! Makes sense right!

I look forward to being home with my little ones. I look forward to watching them grow and becoming little people. Being a Mum is one of the best things I have ever experiences and now I get it times 2!

103 days until maternity leave!!!

xoxo Ashley


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