Summer Heat Is On Its Way

I don’t know about you, but up here in beautiful BC the weather is starting to heat up. We’ve had couple forest fires (not on the island). I work in a town that is a bit of a retirement community and little old ladies are passing out from the heat. Then back home, little girls are cranky because it’s too hot and they don’t want to take their Mother’s advice and play in the kiddy pool or with their water table. Pregnant ladies are becoming uncomfortable and irritable because their child isn’t listening. And it’s only May. Is this a glimpse into what the summer has to hold?

I work in an air conditioned office (mmm cool artificial air) so when I’m off work, BAM, heat hits me hard. The last month has been at a steady 25-27 degrees Celsius. For you southerner, this doesn’t happen until July. I race to my car where, yes there is sweet, sweet air conditioning. Right now it’s my current happy place. No screaming kids. Very little back pain and it’s so nice and cool!!!!!!

photo credit: Nerdy With Children via Google

photo credit: Nerdy With Children via Google

I feel bad for my daughter, I’ve tried to explain to her that if she is hot to take her socks off for starters and to get outside in the shade. “NO outside. NO Mommy!” .. .ok freak out then. Once she realizes I’m not crazy, it will become her favorite thing.

This summer is going to be a lot of sitting in the lake, enjoying the ocean breeze and LOTS of evening walks, hoping for a cool breeze. I will be hogging the kiddy pool to keep myself from exploding from heat. I wondering if pregnant women expand because of the heat?!?! Everything else seems too.

How do you weather the heat with the little one(s)?

xoxo Ashley


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