I was making hot chocolate at work on a rather warm and sunny day (pregnancy what can I say) and I did it backwards. Rather than putting the powder in first, I put the water in first then the powder, it gets all lumpy. This immediately reminded me of my sister. She loved (maybe still does) making hot chocolate all lumpy and then eating the lumps when we were younger. Never was for me, to be honest the texture of it all grossed me right out. But my sister sure did love it.

I wonder when my Mum was pregnant with my sister what went through her head. I wonder if she though, these girls are going to be the best of friend. Was she worried my sister and I wouldn’t get along? I’m guessing every mother wonders/worries about these thing when baby #2 (or more) is on its way. How is it going to affect the oldest child, because it will!

Its sad to hear when siblings literally hate each other and the worst is when it’s for no apparent reason. I will confess that I am a little worried but more than anything, I’m excited for Scarlett to have a sibling. The adventures my sister and I had, I couldn’t imagine a childhood any other way. I think that was a big part of wanting to have another child, because of my friendship with my sister.

Tara and I talk every single day! We don’t live in the same town so we don’t always see each other but we talk. We know what’s going on in one another’s lives. And yes we still have sleep overs, usually when one of our husbands in away. We put Scarlett to bed and then we have a movie night. Chick flick, junk food and wine! I could not imagine growing up without my sister. Yes we had our fights and some epic ones at that but we always made up. She has help shaped me into who I am and the mother I’ve become today.

So much love.

So much love.

My hope is that Scarlett and baby #2 have a good and close relationship. I hope that they love, respect and support one another all their lives. There will be days when a big grey cloud hangs over but that just makes the good days so much better.

If these two are anything like my sister and I! The trouble they get into will be well worth it!

xoxo Ashley


3 thoughts on “Siblings

  1. I definitely worried about that! My brother never liked me and to this day we still are not close. We get along now but we are just such opposites AND believe it or not my mom pod distance between us by complaining to one about the other and so on. So I’ve promised myself that I will not do anything to intentionally drive a wedge between them. I also tell them all the time that friends/boyfriends can come and go but you will have your sibling to the end. so far so good…hopefully it’s working!

    • My sister and I are very close. Then I look at my Mum and her brother, they are just now starting to call and talk to one another. I look at other sibling relationships and I think part of it boils down to how the parents relationships are each of the kids.
      My Mum has said that to my sister and I a few times, friends and boyfriends come and go… its very true. Keep positive and I’m sure they will have a good relationship for years to come 🙂

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