Top 10 Things To Say To A Person

I feel like every time I am cruising through Facebook, or flipping through some blogs there are all these articles about “Things Not to Say to Working Mums”, “Things Not to say to Stay at Home Mums”, “Things You Should Never Say To A Pregnant Women”etc, etc. You get the point. All these things not to say to Mums. Lets try a new approach. Let try just talking nicely to one another, let’s have no judgment, no criticism , no snide remarks, just a pleasant, real conversation.

photo credit: DesignsbyMaggieL via photopin

photo credit: DesignsbyMaggieL via Pintrest

How about we trying treating everyone like a person. I had a co-worker ask me how I was doing the other day, with no undertone or sympathetic head tilt, no judgment stocking near by. It was a genius question. I stared at her, stund for a moment. No questions about my daughter. No questions about Motherhood. It was a question directed at me, to me, for me. It made me smile and feel like a person!

This month, here is my version of what to say to a human (just in case some of you forget)!

1. How was/is your day?

2. You are doing a great job! Keep it up!

3. Would you like to go for a drink?

4. What are your plans for the weekend?

5. Did you see insert TV showlast night?

6. Thanks for being such a good friend/co-worker/sister, etc!

7. Love your shoes!

8. What do you think about politics/celebrity/public figure?

9. How is your knitting project?

10. Knock Knock!

Who’s there?

A little old lady.

A little old lady who?

I didn’t know you could yodel!

photo credit: Clarks Condensed via Pintrest

photo credit: Clarks Condensed via Pintrest

If you focus on the positive, the negative doesn’t get the spotlight. Be kind to one another!

xoxo Ashley


One thought on “Top 10 Things To Say To A Person

  1. I would definitely have a rum and coke with you, Ashley. Thank you for being a friend, for sure. And I had *no* idea you knitted. (My birthday is Nov. 18, incidentally. Plenty of time.)

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