Sushi. Children. New Adventures.

There are clearly restaurants that are aimed at adults and one that are aimed at children. Then there are those restaurants in between… the one where children can go, but there is nothing for them on the menu…. or is there?

Scarlett trying miso soup for the first time - SUCCESS!

Scarlett trying miso soup for the first time – SUCCESS!

Before my husband leaves on a sail, I usually drop him off at the ship in the morning, but not before we go and treat ourself to a delicious breakfast. Well, we had to switch it up this time. We thought we’d give sushi a try. I’m not going to lie, I was a little hesitant to bring Scarlett to a sushi restaurant.

Hmm a 20 month old little girl in a sushi restaurant… what could she eat? They don’t have colours pages there. What are parents to do!



Well, here’s what we did. Just in case there was nothing for her to eat, we brought our own snacks. Then, we knew in advance that they wouldn’t have colouring pages, so we brought pad of paper, accompanied with crayons and stickers. My secret weapon are the stickers. Works every time!

Scarlett did fantastic.

Yum Yum!

Stickers and Yum Yum!

She gobbled up the rice. Loved the soup. She even had tempura yams! There were lots of “Mommy, yum!” and “mmmm” and “more, please!” Music to a parents ears.

This opened up a whole new world. We could take her to restaurants that we enjoyed. Plus this opens up a tons of new options for Scarlett. It is teaching her that there is more then just what she is use to out there. I was a picky eater (still or of am) and I don’t want my kid to miss out on something that may be delicious because it looks gross or smells funny.

My husband and I enjoy a meal out in a restaurant and sushi was a success.

All Done!

All Done!

Do you take your kids out to try new foods? What food did you child like that surprised you the most?

xoxo Ashley


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