Things I Can’t Believe I Did As A New Mum

I was reminiscing when we first brought Scarlett home. How concerned we were with doing everything by the book (rather than following our gut) and making sure our baby was/is as healthy as can be. Being a new Mum I felt a lot of pressure to do everything right according to everyone else. I didn’t want any one to think that I was a bad Mum or that I didn’t know what I was doing.

Here a secret, i still don’t know what I’m doing. Though I follow my gut more than books now. I use books, articles, advice more as guidelines then the law.

No parent is perfect. Here are a couple things I did as new Mum that I can’t believe I did.

I woke my daughter up ever 3-4 hours to feed her. The healthy nurse and doctors told me that she had to eat ever 3-4 hours. If she was sleeping we’d wake her up. When we went in for a check up (I think 6 months) we had mentioned this to the doctor and she looked up as if we were crazed animals in a zoo. If she is sleeping, let her sleep. We then explained why we were doing this, she sort of gave a chuckle and apologized for the confusion.

I kept a diary as to what side I breast fed on, how many times she peed and pooped a day. Yes I did this. I can’t believe I did. It was just another thing for me to remember to do. I could remember all of this. I felt one boob was bigger than the other. I could keep count of how many diapers I changed what the content was. Why I felt I needed to keep a diary is beyond me.

I felt the need to have a spotless house and I needed to look presentable for the first few months. Maybe I felt I needed to prove something to everyone who came over to visit. But it was just more pressure on me, another thing I needed to do. I was expecting company over one day, Scarlett wasn’t even a month old yet, I was exhausted, and is desperate need for a shower. Well, I last about 20 minutes before I started crying and had to excuse myself and sleep. My family didn’t care, they were very supportive and just wanted to hold the baby anyways. I woke up to a fed, sleeping baby. They had put all the dishes away, tidied, did the laundry and had dinner going.

xoxo Ashley


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