My Tongue is Numb

Do you ever have those days where you are just tongue twisted all day. You are either talking too fast, then everything is coming out wrong. Twisted. Sometimes the ‘words’ you are saying, aren’t really even words. I was having one of those days this week. I would even get up to go and do something, and no idea why I stood up. Then I ‘lost’ my husbands keys. I looked in the usual places, then I found them still in the door.

photo credit: Google Search

photo credit: Google Search

Well, then came story time. My daughter wanted me to read her Fox in SocksI had only read this once before and that was not enough practice. That book should come with a warning, “Read 10 other books first, to warm up your tongue before attempting this book” Oh wait… this book does come with a warning.  No seriously!

What a goofy, fun book. Where did Dr. Seuss get these kooky ideas from anyways!?

Scarlett is on a Dr. Seuss binge right now. All she wants is That Cat in the Hat or Fox in Socks or Hop on Pop. I have to read these books really slow so that they make some sort of sense. Are Seuss book suppose to make sense? reading these books to my daughter has actually helped me… No seriously!

I speak really fast. I usually get ahead of myself. At work when I am running a conference call, I am always speaking extremely fast and I even know at times it’s difficult to understand me. It’s a nervous habit. I don’t particularly like speaking in front of people or to a group of people – even over the phone. I interrupt people, and I know I’m doing it but I just want my speaking part to be over.

I was never in drama class. I always choose to write a longer report, than to give a 2 minutes speech. And when I did have to give a speech, I would practice and practice in front of the mirror but when it came time, I would speak to fast and forget words. I calmed up.

I was giving an update at work, no conference call, no crowd of people, and at the end I was given a very nice compliment. That was very nicely said and put. What have you been doing? Practicing? I was a little puzzled because I haven’t been. All i have been doing is reading 2 or 3 Dr. Suess books an evening. I said this. The response was a chuckle, then the realization that I wasn’t joking.

I wonder if I had read Dr. Suess as a kid, if I would have a better grasp on public speaking.

xoxo Ashley



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