What Pet Should I Get?

In this crazy, upside down, full of giggles house of ours we read a lot of different books. A lot!

I came from a background of princess in paper bags, to a family of Bears from Bear Country, and you don’t want to know what happens when you give a mouse a cookie…

photo credit: Today You are You via photopin

photo credit: Today You are You via photopin

Then my husband came from the world of Dr. Seuss!

I did not read much Dr. Seuss, I did not read much of him at all. Aside from One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and the classic The Cat In The Hat. To be honest I have not thought much of looking at what new books had come out in the year since I was a wee little girl. I wanted my daughter to hear the ‘classics’. Stories from Robert Munch, Mercer Mayer (Little Critter), Stan and Jan Berenstain (The Berenstain Bears), Pheobe Gilman, oh the list goes on. So many great hours spent reading, enjoying the imagination of others.

A year or so before Scarlett was born, my mother in-law bought me my first ever Dr. Seuss books for my birthday. I was thrilled. I did not have much experience with the amazing mind of Seuss. I should have started practice at that very moment! My goodness, tongue twister.

Scarlett really enjoys Dr. Seuss (among other authors). Her Dad reads them much better than I do, but I’m getting there.

I was driving home from work, listening to the radio and it is announced that Dr. Seuss has a new book coming out…

Curious and impressive since Dr. Seuss passed away in 1991.

What Pet Should I Get? is rumoured to be released this July, yup just in time for my birthday. Seuss’ widow found the material or rather rediscovered that material and brought it to Random House, Seuss publisher.

I can’t wait to read what pet we should get! What sort of animals has Seuss dreampt up!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!!! Thank you for sharing your creative mind and having such a positive influence on young (and old) minds.

xoxo Ashley


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