X-Ray Picture

It all started with a doctors appointment. It always happens when you least expect it.

Scarlett had been coughing, a lot and for longer than I would have liked her to, so enter Doctor.

Now, I do not like going to the doctor. I know my body pretty well, if it’s something I can’t fix, treat, mend or tend to, then I will go to the doctor. However, when it’s my daughters health, I will take her for a check up. So that is what I did.

We’re in the doctors office, playing with the little kitchen set, playing with the doctors stool, the door knob, anything really to keep a 20 month old little girl occupied. Doctor did all the regular things, checked her ears, listens to her chest, took her temperature, etc…

Now I always get nervous that the doctor is going to tell me that something is wrong and I’m going to have to take her to the hospital right away …. well not far off this time. The doctor told me that I had to take her to the hospital to have a chest x-ray.

What! Why?

A million and one thoughts raced through my mind.

What! Why? this kept racing through my mind.

Finally I got the words out, “X ray, for what?” Turns out doctor wants to rule out phenomena. Because Scarlett had been coughing and wheezing so much.

Two things to keep in mind 1) anything medical, I get lost and panic and 2) oh yes my husband was sailing. It was just me, Mum to the rescue.

What an ordeal it was to deal with the hospital trip. We waited then had to go back the next day. We showed up half an hour early the next day, prepared. Snacks. Books. Stickers. Milk. Crayons. Turns out I was a little over prepared, because we got in and out in 20 minutes.

While we were waiting for the tech to set up, I was trying to explain that Scarlett was going to get her picture taken. She seemed ok, until she had to sit in the chair. Then she lost it. I couldn’t calm her down. She was terrified. I started to sing to her to try and sooth her. It worked long enough to get her strapped in the chair. Then que the screaming again. Now if you’ve ever had chest x rays, you’ll know that you have to hold your arms above your head. Scarlett was not happy about this. She was so upset. It took everything in me not to cry.

It was so hard to see my child so scared. I kept explaining that she was going to be ok. I kept telling her to ‘Say Cheese’, we’re getting a picture taken. She wasn’t hearing it. The tech had stuffed monkeys hanging around the room, she kept making monkey noises. Telling her to look at the

Once we were done with the x ray and she was out of the chair, she was fine. She was playing with the monkeys around the room. She was happy and playing with the tech’s before we were leaving.

Once Scarlett was at daycare, and I was on my way to work, I broke down. I let out my fear, my emotions. Being a Mum is tough business but I got through it. Scarlett got through it. Made me stronger. I can get through it.

xoxo Ashley


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