My Thanks To Katie

My Thanks to Katie.

How she does it, is beyond me.

For those of you who don’t know who Katie is (or as Scarlett refers to her as Auntie Katie) she is the wonderful friend who watches my little monkey while my husband and I are at work. Monday to Friday she rules with a squeaky hammer, hugs and kisses!

I cannot begin to express how much Katie does for my family. She gives us a peace of mind. I never worry when I’m at work. I know that if we give her a set of instruction they are followed to a tee. She always has her best judgment.

She loves Scarlett like her own daughter, but not in that creepy I’m going to steal her way. The Hand that Rocks the Cradle comes to mind. Katie is the opposite side of that sort of crazy.

She gives my daughter a sense of security and is a constant in her life. She is structure. She is our rock.

How to express the gratitude and love you feel for this person. This is a huge responsibility. Its huge job. No matter what you pay them, it’s not enough.

So Katie, my friend thank you for sacrificing your sanity and time. Thank you for kissing the booboos better when I can’t not. Thank you for showing love and compassion. Teaching her right from wrong. Being the stern voice and bad guy when I’m not around. Thank you for making sure she is happy and healthy. Thank you for being brave and doing things our way. Thank you for expressing concern of a diaper rash that came out of nowhere, those suckers are sneaky. Thank you for being understanding with traffic. You are a huge part of her life and have such a positive impression on her.

As a parent I cannot begin to express my thanks.  You keep her safe.

xoxo Ashley


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