Love Is In The Air <3

Love is in the air!!!

Typically my Valentine’s Days are a day I have to myself! My husband is usually away. So I have my own Valentine’s day tradition. I go out and buy a really nice bottle of wine, chocolate and watch a action movie. Yes, an action movie. I find the love stories in action movie to be more realistic. Because when the world is ending, emotions are high!

So I would settle in with my chilled bottle of wine, get in my comfy clothes, snuggle up on the couch with my dog. Start the movie and eat the whole box of chocolates. Yup, the wwhhhoollleee box! This is what I’m use to.

See, I don’t particularly like Valentine’s Day. It’s one day of the year you profess your love to the people you love?!?! No, no, no, you tell them everyday! So Valentine’s is a time to buy discounted chocolate!

This year, this year is a little bit different. I won’t be doing my Valentine’s Day tradition, I get to start a new one! My husband is home this year! My daughter is getting old enough now to understand and show love.

This year we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day by treating ourselves with little things. Family walk to get a yummy Chia Tea. mmm. Then off to get some yummy treats.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Do you have Valentine’s Day traditions?  How do you celebrate?

xoxo Ashley


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