What Makes You Shine?

I am part of this fitness group, and each month we have different challenges that are related to fitness (mental or physical). For February, we are doing a 30 day photo challenge – Happiness! Each day has a certain topic. Day 3’s topic was what makes you shine?

photo credit: 45940879@N04 via photopin

photo credit: 45940879@N04 via photopin

Huh?! I have no idea.

I feel pretty dull as of late. Tired. Unwashed hair. I’m lucky if I remember mascara. I wear jeans because it’s easy to match tops with. I have these amazingly comfy slip on Merrell’s (Its like a shoe and a slipper had a baby and came up with these).

I haven’t been feeling very ‘shiny’.

I pondered over this post decision all day. What makes me shine? I couldn’t think of anything that makes me shine…

Then that little light when on!

Scarlett makes me shine. Weather that shine be beads of sweat from chasing her at the park. A smile that lights up the room because she did something goofy/adorable/silly. Tears that slide down my cheek because I am so exhausted/emotional. Or the simple glow of a proud Mum. Scarlett makes me shine,

Children have that affect on us parents.

My daughter makes me want to be a better person. To strive for greatness. I want to be a strong role model for her (my Mum was for me). Scarlett should know that, if she puts her mind to something, she can do it!

My daughter makes me shine! What makes you shine? Is it a person? A thing? A fuzzy four legged companion?

xoxo Ashley


One thought on “What Makes You Shine?

  1. Life makes me shine. It’s such a wonderful gift you discover when you loose so many people around you and go through trauma, war and the worst. I’m thankful for every piece of normality and every breath I take. Great post!

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