My Lost Love

First love is my daughter. Second love is my family. Lost love… Nikon 3000.

photo credit: rbfishadow via photopin

photo credit: bfishadow via photopin

Since becoming a Mum, I’ve resorted to my phone to capture all the adorable cute moments Scarlett has. It’s easy and always with me. Though I get the nagging feeling the quality isn’t good enough, the picture could be a bit more crisp! At Christmas I pulled out my beautiful Nikon 3000 camera. OH how I missed the little sounds it makes. The way it feels and the amazing photos it taken. It’s not grainy. It’s perfect lighting. How quick it is. Oh just the beauty around it. My third love. Its been too long. Though I did have a good excuse to putting my camera on a shelf for a bit… I was busy being a new Mum, raising our daughter. I believe I get the hang of things now and can add the camera to the list of multi tasking items. To get back into the swing of things I’ve created a little weekly challenge for myself. The only rules that I have are that the photo has to be yours and they don’t have to be taken in order. Have fun.

  1. Self Portrait
  2. Technology
  3. Shoes
  4. Strike a pose
  5. Age
  6. Dirt
  7. Love
  8. Beauty
  9. Black & White
  10. Blocks
  11. Landscape
  12. Water
  13. 4 Legged Furry Friend
  14. Through a Child’s Eyes
  15. Antique
  16. Scottish
  17. Drinks
  18. Costume
  19. Pumpkins
  20. Sprinklers
  21. Dress up
  22. Sleep
  23. Clouds
  24. Dance Party
  25. Bubbles
  26. Slide
  27. Mother
  28. Fathers
  29. Purple
  30. Letter M
  31. Dinner
  32. Reading
  33. wather
  34. Eggs
  35. Lights
  36. Green
  37. Bride
  38. Tiny
  39. Fuzzy
  40. Marine Life
  41. Candy
  42. Silhouette
  43. Food
  44. Bugs
  45. Flowers
  46. Grass
  47. Music
  48. Castles
  49. Yoga
  50. Trees
  51. Night Sky
  52. Italian
photo credit: dwmccorm via photopin

photo credit: dwmccorm via photopin

You will notice that there are 52… one for each week of the year. I’d love to see what you come up with! Happy Adventures!

xoxo Ashley


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