Top 5 Ways to Relax

It was a big of a stressful week. Teething child. Flash migraine. Work is amazingly busy. Here are my top 5 ways to unwind and relax.

Enjoy ❤

  1. Read – snuggle up on the couch and read your book, magazine, childs book
  2. Spot of tea – I’m not a huge tea drinker but I do have the amazingly delicous Chia tea mix. The only way I can describe this cup of tea is like heaven in a cup, with the relaxing feeling of being present in a yoga class. It’s so relaxing, stress free  and a delicious way to unwind.
  3. Wine – when in doubt, wine!
  4. Bath Time – After the wee one is all snug in her bed, it’s time for the candles, bubbles, bath salts, a book and wine to come out and just soak. I don’t know what it is, but just the thought of a bubble bath with candles is relaxing.
  5. Girl Friends – There is nothing quiet like having a martini or two and chat for hours with your girl friend(s). The stress melts away and the laughter comes so easy by the end of the evening.
photo credit: ramsd via photopin

photo credit: ramsd via photopin

xoxo Ashley


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