The Toonie Party Plan

Scarlett and a few of her little friends were all born within, I’m going to say a month or so of each other. June and July are very busy party months for the kids. Now not all of her friends are born in that time, but there are quiet a few. It gets really expensive. A couple Mum’s and I were talking about it. Kids have all sorts of toys and clothes why add to the collection. They don’t need it. It has become the socially acceptable thing to do, is bring a gift to a party.

One of the Mum’s suggested just having a Toonie birthday party. What is a Toonie birthday party you ask. Rather than spending money that doesn’t need to be spent, simply bring a card and a Toonie. There will be a jar or container on a table. Put the toonie in enjoy the party! How simple.

Little Party Girl

Little Party Girl

Now what do you ask do you do with the money? There are a couple options.

  1. Put the money into your child’s bank account or more likely they education fund
  2. Donate the money to a charity or a local food bank, teaching your child about giving
  3. Split the money between option 1 & 2
  4. Go to the toy story and buy one thing your child wants or needs
  5. Really you can do what ever you’d like with it.

I thought that this was a brilliant idea. The grandparents, aunts and uncles are going to buy gifts. It’s there right. You could tell them the Toonie Party plan, and they may want to take part or simply buy a gift. What ever they choose is fine but when you have 5 birthday in 4 weeks… that gets VERY expensive very quickly.

Having kids doesn’t have to be expensive, they don’t need all those toys and clothes. Parties are to celebrate the birth of the child. This amazing wonderful human, that is growing so quickly. Let them play, make memories, take pictures, plan some games. I think this year we’re going to be doing the Toonie party.

xoxo Ashley


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