Welcome 2015

I hope everyone had an amazing and well deserved break.

Christmas was great! Filled with love and laughter, lots of laughter! My husband and daughter spoiled me. To be honest, I had more fun helping Scarlett opening her gifts. She was so excited, with just opening the gift. The whole ripping of the paper. The look on her face, when she hears the sound.

Christmas is defiantly more fun with a child running around. The magic of Christmas wonder. Santa is coming with his 8 little reindeer. The anticipation of waking up in the morning to find your stocking filled with little goodies. Oh what sort of gift did Santa leave? Did he eat my cookies? Did the reindeer enjoy the carrots? I hope that the milk stayed cold! Its such a gift to be that innocent and have such an imagination.

New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black background

And now on with the New Year. 2015! My goodness how time flies (I know, I know cliche). I have never been too much of keeping resolutions. I feel that it is too much pressure and that people make completely unrealistic resolutions and then never keep them. Or they keep there resolution for a month and stop.

This year I am not making a resolution, I am going to call it a goal. I am making goals.

  1. Scarlett and I will play at the park more
  2. Take time for myself more (aka yoga at least once a week)
  3. Make an effort to say more nice things to people, rather than keeping it to myself.

I think they are obtainable and classy. I’m a Mum, I have enough to do!

Hope that everyone has a happy, healthy & prosperous 2015!

xoxo Ashley


One thought on “Welcome 2015

  1. Happy New Year! Best wishes on your resolutions, especially on taking time out for yourself. We all know we mommies need some time to ourselves every once in a while!!

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