Well That Flew By

Well today my wee little baby is 18 months old! I cannot believe that I am a Mum to a beautiful, smart, talented 18 month old daughters. Scarlett is learning so quickly. She studies your every move. I now have to think before I do something.

“Is this something I want Scarlett doing?”

It’s so amazing watching her learn and grow. Last Christmas she was only 6 months old. Not moving too much. Completely dependant on her parents. Now she runs from here to there. She can ask for food or help. She is becoming very independent.

Scarlett 6 months old - December 2013

Scarlett 6 months old – December 2013

Watching a child grow really makes you think of all the thing you should be grateful for and what you take for granted.

Myself personally I should be grateful for much more than I am.

  • Early, early mornings – Wake up to a daughter, who I love
  • Dirty dishes piled in counter – Means we had a delicious meal(s)
  • Piles & piles of laundry – We have warm clothes to wear
  • That nasty water bill that comes in – We have clean running water
  • Stubbed toe(s) – My daughter has toys to play with
  • Doctor’s appointment to go to – Free health care
  • Shopping to do – I have money to use
  • Exhausted from the whole day – I’m alive!

Having a child has made me look at the world a little different. Its special. It’s fragile. It’s a gift and too many people take it for granted.

I want to encourage you to tell the people in your life how much you care for them. Find one thing a day that makes you happy. I have very fortunate that I have two people in my life who make me very happy and feel very loved.

My daughter is a year and half old!

Scarlett the little ham! December 2014

Scarlett the little ham! December 2014

xoxo Ashley


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