“Did You Know” Christmas Edition – December 9

Did you know…

In Iceland there are 13 Santa’s and they were originally depicted as the sons of two children eating trolls.

photo credit: s3a via photopin

photo credit: s3a via photopin

“Jolasveinar” or “Christmas boys” are Iceland’s 13 Santa’s. They are the sons of the trolls Gryla and Leppaludi, who would eat children who’d been naughty throughout the year. Originally, the Jolasveinar were much like their parents, but then gradually toned down their exploits to simply mess up Christmas for people by stealing good, presents, killing cows, soiling your clothes, etc. Today, the tradition has come to be that they are not too dissimilar to the Nordic Santa in that they now leave presents in children’s shoes who have been good and potato’s in those who’ve been bad.

xoxo Ashley

Thanks Today I Found Out for the Christmas fun fact.


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