Joining the Masses

I joined the masses. I shopped on Black Friday and I don’t feel guilty about it. I was sucked into the hype.

Since Black Friday creeped into Canada, I’ve avoided it, didn’t think much of it and it was a greed thing. My mind may have changed when I had a child and she required clothes and shoes. Those are expensive and she grows so quickly and plays hard. Clothes don’t last. My goodness I could only imagine having a boy.

What I usually spend on one gift, I got four. Perfect. I’ve already finished my Christmas shopping, so these gifts are for through out the year.

  • Birthday
  • Easter
  • Valentine’s Day

Maybe it’s because I didn’t have a child in the past and I didn’t realize how expensive it would be. It’s a bonus really, I’m done my shopping, I’ve actually saved money and it’s something I would have gotten her anyways.

I was listening to the radio, the early show, and they were coming to us LIVE from a local mall, Black Friday morning and it was hilarious. People were lined up early in the morning, nicely and be very polite to one another. When the doors opened, there was no running, no pushing, no shoving. The radio station that was broadcasting the event took snip its from larger cities (both  Canadian and American). The bigger cities were well lets say more aggressive. I just thought it was way too funny.

Us Canadian were using please and thank you … on Black Friday. I love it.

Hope everyone was safe and thoughtful on Black Friday!

xoxo Ashley


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